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Season 2 episodes 5
Carrie: you broke my heart. Was that easy for you? Because of you, I
questioned my own sanity. I had myself committed to a mental
institution. I lost my job, too. I lost my place in the world. I lost
Brody: I just tell Estes the truth. You were harassing my family.
Carrie: The truth? Bullshit. You came this close to blowing him into a
million pieces. Did you tell him that?
Brody: I didn’t wear a bomb.
Carrie: did you even think about me when you went to Estes? Tell me you
at least felt a. a pang of regret, a teeny little sliver of guilt. You
said before that I’m obsessed with you. You really think that?
Brody: yeah, I do.
Carrie: so it’s a one-way street? You have no feelings for me? Go ahead.
I’m a big girl. I can take it. Come on, Brody. Look me in the eye and
tell me, you felt nothing up in that cabin.
Brody: I am sorry I hurt you.
Carrie: ‘hurt’ doesn’t quite cover it. So did you? Did you…did you feel
Brody: oh, for Christ’s sake, Carrie, we were playing each other.
Carrie: no, I wasn’t. Not the whole time, anyway. I-I remember thinking
I was exactly where I belonged.
Brody: I know what you are doing, and it’s not going to work.
Carrie: I am just happy to be talking to you again.
Carrie: are you thirsty? Water, please?
Carrie: alone at last. Here, let me get these off you?
Carrie: can I ask you something?
Brody: I have a choice?
Carrie: you said up at the cabin that you didn’t have anyone to talk to.
Did you… did you ever find anybody? A friend? A therapist?
Brody: no.
Carrie: you never went back to that support group, did you?
Brody: no.
Carrie: why?
Brody: I don’t know.
Carrie: people always ask me about the war, you know…was it bad as
everyone says? I-I never know what to tell them. “My interpreter was
burned alive and then hung from a bridge”? No one survives intact.
Brody: no.
Carrie: do you still have nightmares? Sometimes I shake uncontrollably
for no reason at all. So what do you say…when people ask you what it was
like over there?
Brody: as little as possible.
Carrie: but if they insist?
Brody: I lie. Tell them stories they want to hear.
Carrie: it’s the lies that undo us. It’s the lies we think we need to
survive. When was the last time you told the truth?
Brody: about five minutes ago, when I said I didn’t wear a bomb.
Carrie: you never worn a bomb?
Brody: no.
Carrie: but you do make a suicide tape. Who did you give it to?
Brody: I didn’t give it to anyone. I threw it into the trash.
Carrie: and yet it wound up in Beirut in a Hezbollah commander’s house?
See? You are drowning in lies. I’m surprised you can even keep them
straight anymore.
Brody: Walden lied to the whole fucking world about the drone strike!
Carrie: yes, he did. But you’re not like him, are you? You’re not a
Brody: no.
Carrie: are you sure you’re not a monster, Brody?
Brody: I’m sure.
Carrie: but Abu Nazir is. His pattern is to target innocent civilians
and inflict mass casualties. Kenya, 1998, a busy marketplace. Madrid,
2004, a packed commuter train. Last spring, a department store in
Amsterdam. He doesn’t strike soldiers and high-ranking murderers like
Walden. He kills wives…and children. Danas and chrises…and jessicas. I
know that you think that he was kind to you, that he saved you, but the
truth is… he systematically pulled you apart, Brody…piece by piece,
until there was nothing left but pain. And then he relieved the pain and
he put you back together again as someone else. He gave you a boy to
love, and then that other monster, Walden, took that boy away. Between
the two of them, they made your life a misery. Wouldn’t it be a relief
to stop lying? For instance, if I stopped lying, I could say to you,
“Brody… I want you to leave your wife and children and be with me.”
There, I said it. I’m still alive. It feels good. Try it. You’re a good
man, Brody. You’re a good man because you didn’t explode the vest you
were wearing. Right?
Brody: I wasn’t wearing a vest.
Carrie: you decided not to kill those people. You decided to let Walden
live. Even Walden. Dana called you, didn’t she? While you were there in
the panic room with Walden. She used my cell. What did she say?
Brody: she asked me to come home. I said I would. And I did.
Carrie: it was hearing Dana’s voice that changed your mind, wasn’t it?
She asked you to come home, and you did. Why? Maybe because…maybe
because you suddenly understood that killing yourself and ruining Dana’s
life wouldn’t bring Issa back. Maybe because you knew then how much you
loved your own child. Maybe because you were just sick of death. That’s
the Brody I am talking to. That’s the Brody that knows the difference
between warfare and terrorism. That’s the Brody I met up in that cabin.
That’s the Brody I fell in love with. ……. What’s Abu Nazir’s plan?
Brody: I don’t know.
Carrie: but there is a plan, right? To attack America?
Brody: yes.
Carrie: who does know the plan?
Brody: uh, Roya Hammad, maybe, I’m not sure.
Carrie: Roya Hammad? Who gave you the suicide vest?
Brody: a tailor from Gettysburg in Pennsylvania.
Carrie: what’s his name?
Brody: Bassel something.
Carrie: is there anyone else in Nazir’s network that you’ve had contact
Brody: there was Afzal Hamid. Al Zahrani, the… Saudi attaché? And Tom
Carrie: all dead.
Brody: all dead.

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